Thank you, mum!

It’s a natural pre-requisite that we all have a mother in a biological sense. But there’s more to being a mum than giving birth, as every mother and father will tell you.

Mother's Day

Whatever the family setup, the ‘mother’ role is a special one, and not an easy one to master. Not everyone is naturally maternal – and nothing can every truly prepare you for the challenges motherhood throws at you.

So having a day to celebrate mums is a lovely way to show our appreciation for that special lady in our lives, and to share a bit of extra love. Even as a grown-up, having a mum to show interest and partake in the ups and downs of life is a huge comfort and source of strength. Generation after generation has relied on the patience and wisdom of mothers to keep families together, to offer advice and unconditional love.

So ask any mother what she’d like as a special treat, and I would take a wild guess that most mums will think that a bit of extra time together and a cuppa would be just lovely. A young mum might dream of a lie in (I certainly did!) – but apart from that, time well-spent with your children is just so precious, it’s difficult to imagine what would be better.

Apart from planning some time together, you may want to give mum something else unexpected. And there are loads of different gift ideas for Mother’s Day, such as a kid’s drawing of course, or a lovely family photo. Perhaps something hand-made, painted or crafted…

But sometimes you might just want to find a gift for mum that is precious in a different way and that she can enjoy and cherish when you are not around.

That’s why we’ve put together a collection of extra-special gifts, all created with love and ready for your bespoke message. You can find our personalised Mother’s Day collection here… and we hope something will inspire you.

Whatever you pick, we will work hard to create a personalised gift for you that mum will love and help to make a lovely surprise when you get together for Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day gifts

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