Standeazy Ultra


Super slim, brushed aluminium phone stand, just 1.2mm thin, 7g light, fits in wallets, works with iPhone & Android cases, multi-angle.

Funded by Kickstarter

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These days, you can carry the whole world in your pocket. But try watching something on your mobile device without holding it. Go on, try now. Lean it, balance it, wedge it. Nope? Those slippery blighters just won’t stand up. So there it lies, flat on the table, projecting its wonders towards your ceiling.

Now imagine taking from your wallet an ultra thin, ultra tough device, which lets your mobile stand on its own two feet. Imagine no longer, oh brave new world.

Discover the Standeazy Ultra.
Designed and made in Britain.

The Standeazy Ultra is manufactured from a premium quality laminate of brushed aluminium and polypropylene, and easily folds into a 3D stand for virtually all smartphones, e-readers and most tablets, too.

It can be adjusted to hold your device at a variety of angles in both landscape or portrait depending on what you prefer for each app.

To give your phone or tablet a safe place to rest, the Standeazy Ultra has pleasingly smooth rounded edges, giving it an extra luxurious feel. It really is beautifully finished, just as slick as the slickest electronic device in your collection.

You’ll want to stroke it, own it or buy it for your loved ones. It’s a perfect stocking filler or little thank you gift – easy to post in an envelope. It’s just one of those simple ideas that really works and actually solves a problem.

Additional information

Weight20 g
Dimensions55 × 85 × 1.2 mm


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