Happy International Women’s Day


I am lucky.

Looking back at my childhood, on a day like today when we old ‘Easties’ still commemorate our traditional International Women’s Day, I realise how much of my life now has roots in how I was brought up.

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Everyday Romantic Gestures


February 14th is coming up and it’s always a great time to remember why we fell in love. It’s also a nice excuse to treat each other – Valentines feels like a communal reminder to do something special, but it’s just one day. Here are some ideas for all the other days of the year…

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Happy 2019

It’s almost 2019 and looking back at the last few months – which are our first two months since launching our Essence Gifts website – it’s been an eventful year taking us from some plain products arriving in the workshop to having a small collection of personalised gifts on offer.

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