Everyday Romantic Gestures


February 14th is coming up and it’s always a great time to remember why we fell in love. It’s also a nice excuse to treat each other – Valentines feels like a communal reminder to do something special, but it’s just one day. Here are some ideas for all the other days of the year…

Touch me touch me touch me!

No, not in that way… Next time your favourite other has had a tough long day at the office, try to lay hand on him or her – you might just be surprised how welcome a back rub will be received… Make it extra special by adding some relaxing music and a dash of body oil – but don’t be surprised if it sends the very lucky recipient of your handiwork into the land of sleep 😉


Hide a little note with a lunch box or in a notebook. The smaller, the better –  it really is the thought that counts. To surprise your loved one with the idea that you think about them – not in a stalky type way of course – is a lovely gesture. Think tooth fairy type tiny writing for an ultra cute effect!

No such thing as man flu

We all know just how rubbish it is to be sick. Not sure how men in particular got the stigma of being especially weak when it comes to being ill, but here is your chance to fight that and actually give him some extra love and attention. Cups of tea are an obvious first step, but you can really get creative and be his favourite day and night nurse – forever!!!

Pre-empt fishing trips

We’ve all had those leading questions that fish for compliments… so why not turn it around every now and then and compliment the hell out of your favourite person, just because you love them…. They don’t have to hunt for compliments and you can treasure why you fell for them. 

Snuggle up

You could blame the poor heating – or just admit that he or she is simply too irresistible not to be super close to whether it’s movie night or just a regular day – and don’t forget to seal it with a passionate kiss.

“Love is the strongest force the world possesses and yet it is the humblest imaginable.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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