Essence Gifts – a Family Affair

We (Regine and Steve that is) consider ourselves incredibly lucky, both in careers we love and enjoy. We have three boys and a very adventurous family all in their own way.

Perhaps that's the reason why we always wanted to follow our dreams – and having a way to combine our skills with the excitement of interacting with customers has been an ambition for both of us for a long time. A designer and a techie, and three in-house critics – it seems a perfect combination! 

Our Passion

Starting a new business is always a bit of a worry, a risk, but above all an adventure. And adventures create memories, which is what it’s all about for us. 

Perhaps that’s why we were both drawn to the idea of Essence Gifts, to create memorable gifts for our loved ones, with designs that are inspired by our friends, family and life. 

We really hope you will enjoy our collection – more designs will be added soon – and perhaps you’d like to get one of our products for a nice occasion. 

Giving is personal. We like to make it personal by design.